What’s happened to leadership and why am I so flustered?

Leadership used to be a rung on the ladder of success. People aspired to leadership, especially after working hard in the trenches learning a thing or two developing skills and knowledge and even a bit of wisdom. Being the next great leader who would change the world, or at least one small bit of it, was a goal that demonstrated initiative and desire for advancement.

Wow has the world changed! Nowadays leaders might be young, energetic visionaries. Or they may be younger than you with less time in the work force. Or they may be older and not so plugged in. Or they may be older plugged in yet inaccessible to younger folks. Or they may be in another country. Or they may be in the office next door but seem like they are in another country. Leadership has changed and what leaders need to focus on has changed.

What is also interesting is that the changing leader role indicates a deeper change afoot in organisations due to changes in the marketplace. Getting to grips with all of this, especially when new in role or the role keeps being redefined, is the huge challenge.

But does it have to be a huge challenge? Visual thinking and graphic recording of conversations and meeting content can help leaders focus, understand complexity and communicate strategy. (And let’s face it meetings are where business gets done so they need to be effective and efficient.) No matter the details of the role, the leader has to lead. Consider visual business rather than card decks. Focus entrepreneurial energy with visual thinking. Find solutions that meet the need.

If you want to have a simple conversation about leadership in our changing, adapting world give us a shout. We have some solutions for effective business communications.

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