Why wait? Poke, poke!

This is kind of a poke in the behind! Get us involved early in your process of meeting planning. Include graphic recording in the entire meeting process because then the meeting is solidly built with the graphic impact and outputs in mind.

Too frequently people call with a last minute ‘great idea’ to ‘add on’ scribing to ‘add interest’ to their meetings. While we can certainly be an ‘add on’ for you, this may not be the best use of your time and money.

We can help you think through your desired outcomes, meeting design and point you to the end goals and how you can use your visual outputs impactfully and effectively. Waiting to the last minute risks having ‘pretty pictures’ in the room with no connection to what is happening in the conversation and then not being used afterward.

That disconnect is obvious to everyone involved and frequently becomes a negative use of graphics. (Which means the next time you want to include them in a good way you may not ‘have the budget’ for it.)

Be wise in engaging us early so your meetings have true and useful impact. We can help you sort out how to use graphics. But you gotta include us early in the process.

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