How do you sustain institutional knowledge?

One of the major challenges organisations face in our modern, fast-paced, ever-changing world is sustaining, and indeed, improving institutional knowledge. How do individuals, groups, teams, managers and leaders stay on top of the mountains of information, conversations, data and input in a way that helps the organisation stay in touch with what it knows.

One answer is reports. Another is white papers. Another is keeping mounds of card deck presentations. And so it goes. Keeping it all together and in a way that is useful is nearly impossible, it would seem.

Ah, but there is a way, you might imagine from a visual thinking and recording company! Yes, indeed, starting with graphic recording and retaining those in digital formats within the meeting context is a start. But even that can become part of the mound of data if not prepared for and used well. So start with melding graphic recording into your meeting culture and individual meeting designs.

Then consider adding rich storymaps of your history, contexts, journeys, goals and visions. Each of these adds to the institutional knowledge and by using them within your visual thinking culture you will add immensely to your awareness and commitment to the organisation as a whole.

For instance, consider a graphic history. Taking the time to fully visualise a company history and constructing it in a way that can be added to every few years can localize and summarize a huge amount of information. This document can be shared with new hires, among teams and work groups, in the sales and business development efforts, with funders and stakeholders, and even with the general public. A visual history done well can be an enormous asset that impacts institutional knowledge.

There are many and varied ways to sustain knowledge and, in fact, use that knowledge creatively for benefit. Scribing Magic understands institutional knowledge and will explore with you the best ways of sustaining it within your orgainisation. Give us a shout and we’ll help talk it through.

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