Scribing change

This topsy-turvey world of ours is in a huge change process, moving from one way of working to something new. What that is will be revealed in time and, apparently, with much pain.

Organisations and corporations are also going through times of change. And some are experiencing upheaval. These are facilitation moments, for sure. From our perspective engaging neutral yet engaged leaders for change management is a good thing. And, as part of that engaging graphic recorders and visual communications is essentially fruitful for collaborating through change initiatives.

Working visually is not longer a luxury or add-on because the complexity of meetings, the complexity of data, the complexity of engaging whole organisations are best tackled using visuals, graphics and scribing so everyone is involved and ‘heard’.

By capturing change visually you commit to broad and deep meeting engagement. Scribing and graphic recording in facilitated meetings is essential to group process and productive meetings. More companies are realizing this. More organisations are engaging visually.  Give it a try if you haven’t already. Engage Scribing Magic in graphic recording your change processes.

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