Why WHY? It’s a loop.

We live in a HOW world. How do we do this? How do we accomplish that? How can I get work done now? How can I project manage this, that and the other thing? From how of learning to the how of work plans and actions. How dominates the landscape and drives most business decisions.

But there is a huge gap in that landscape.

The gap, the hole, the pit of missing stuff is WHY? Why are we doing this? Why are we having more meetings? Why are we meeting this time? Why are you and you and you in this room for this meeting? Why why why is all too frequently missed because we are all caught up in the HOW, the actions, the day-to-day, the deadlines, the financial results. How how how interrupts why why why.

So why is WHY important. Why is what drives clarity. Why focuses attention. Why coalesces into how. Why informs how. Why moves people to engage. Why motivates. Why opens into visions and goals and plans.

Yes, there are those who thrive on HOW. Project managers and executive admins usually thrive on how. And it is so vital to have how-thinkers in the room with why-thinkers so there is balance. But without the WHY those who do HOW so well won’t have a reason to do what they do.

Graphic recording, storymaps, vision maps, journey and history maps all open up the information of WHY. And they take the WHY information into a coherent strategy of HOW. Which, by the way and to make this more esoteric than it needs to be, should then circle round to WHY again. It is the constant loop of WHY to How to WHY to HOW and round and round that really moves the stakes forward.

Scribing Magic can help you visualise your why’s and how’s. We make the loop of business visible, transparent and clear. Ask us why and we’ll show you how.

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