Listen…think…speak! How public listening supports group work.

You are sitting in a meeting. Your face says it all, “Oh, not that guy droning on and on…again.” Or, “How many times is that going to be repeated, doesn’t anyone listen anymore!”

Yeah, we’ve heard it all, too. There are ways to manage those domineering talkers and the seemingly inattentive participants / delegates in the room. It’s called graphic recording. Or more adroitly ‘public listening.’

Delegates find connections, agree actions, and deeply commit when seeing what is said.

Delegates find connections, agree actions, and deeply commit when seeing what is said.

By visually recording conversations and capturing meeting content the meeting drones and the inattentive can be called

back to the already spoken. They can see how the content of the meeting has progressed. A good meeting facilitator will point out the repetitive conversation by relying on the graphic image and, sometimes, literally walk over and point to where the content is recorded. This benefits the meeting by helping the drones and the inattentive listen visually so they feel heard and included. Interestingly they start self managing their behaviours and join the group in constructive work.

The ‘public’ in public listening applies to face-to-face meetings but, when done well and with graphics, can also effectively transform virtual meetings, keeping delegates engaged and attentive to conversational details.

Graphic recording is a powerful tool. Public listening by the recorder, to accurately capture group conversation, is a huge skill that serves the success of your meetings. It takes time and practice to learn this skill. There are a lot of people who can draw a meeting. There are few who understand the art of public listening and how doing it well serves the group in gaining their desired outcomes.

We can help you see how public listening can benefit your meetings. Give us a shout. We are listening!

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