The most important tool

We’re asked all the time what the most important tool is for graphic recording. The questioners are usually thinking along the lines of types and sizes of paper, most useful markers and writing implements, portable walls, tape, best tablets for recording virtually and those types of tools. While these are important and, indeed, critical to success it is more important that you bring your brain.

The brain is THE most important tool. All the physical and electronic tools and gadgets are all necessary but there are options and ways to work around issues that crop up.

As a graphic recorder, or scribe, and as a participant in meetings where graphic recording is occurring it is absolutely vital that your brain shows up, engages, focuses and relaxes into the moment. While we all live in a world with distractions it is totally necessary for the graphic recorder to learn how to turn it all off, for the moment they are supporting groups. For participants, it is also vital to turn off the outside world, for the time in this meeting. Learning how to show up and be in the moment is difficult for most of us. And then to actively listen so meetings can engage and focus is even more challenging.

Bringing the brain is the most important thing one can do as a recorder and as a meeting participant. Working graphically and thinking visually is hard work, tiring at times, energizing at times, and definitely worth the effort in the long run. The brain is key. Exercise the brain and it will all go fine.

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