Happy new year (early!) or How to have a good 2015 by learning from 2014

It’s a little over 10 weeks to the end of 2014 and the beginning of the new year. It will be here sooner than you think!

Looking back over 2014 you have probably achieved and shared a lot. Now is the traditional time to gaze back over those achievements and shared experiences in order to take your learning forward and to imbed those into your plans for 2015. Or, if you have completed your plans for next year consider how to imbed your learning into the actions you have committed to so you can achieve even more. Your 2014 offers a rich source of information waiting to be looked at in a new way.

A simple and engaging way to do this is to hang a large piece of paper (wall-sized if possible!) in a visible and accessible part of your office or workspace. If you are part of a virtual or global team then talk to your IS / IT department about setting up a virtual space in which people can share their thoughts. Then encourage people to write and draw on the paper their achievements and learnings from this year. If you add an underlying metaphoric image, such as a road or a large arrow, you can add ideas chronologically creating a timeline to show increasing insights.

You can also get large and / or colored sticky notes to distribute to your team or work group. As ideas come to them through the day they can capture thoughts or iconic little drawings or metaphors to add to the large wall chart.

There are lots of ways to do this. Be creative. The point is to do it and to engage colleagues in co-creating the visual because your achievements were co-created as a team. What ever way you choose to do it, it will be fascinating to watch ‘data’ build up over the next few weeks. But the vital part of this activity is to frequently review what people are sharing and why they find that important for 2015. Use what they post to inform your plans and actions next year. Real business benefit can be achieved by using this simple, visual process. Go find that piece of paper!

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