Does graphic recording offer anything in the global v local business world?

Globalisation in business is here to stay. Anyone who says differently or activates against it is not paying attention. The issue of globalisation is no longer why or what but how to be global and still achieve local implementation. It is a huge challenge for our clients no matter the size or complexity of their global footprint.

Graphic recording and visual thinking can help sort through the challenges. It can be delivered in the local setting of face-to-face meetings of a global team or it can be delivered in virtual meetings when face-to-face is not possible due to mobility of the team, location of leadership to work groups, or simply the budget doesn’t allow for travel on the grand scale.

Here are a few ways graphic recording supports the global versus local complication:

  • It engages across cultures and languages. Because of the use of simple, clear icons and metaphors cross-cultural communications is enhanced.
  • It supports embedding agreed commitments. The visual artifact / chart can be reproduced in order to use it as a talking point for deepening and broadening agreements by a few that need to be communicated to the many. It becomes a tool for telling the story of ‘why this….’
  • It reveals the complexity of the situation. By recording honest conversation about your complex challenges and solutions to being global but working local you begin to see paths through the complexity and, by re-using an artifact / chart in subsequent meetings you can sense-check against your agreements.
  • It is highly useful for virtual meetings. Working across time zones and cultures is hard enough. Actively building a visual of your virtual meeting in real time helps people focus and stay in touch with content so people feel engaged, heard, included, acknowledged and part of the global team. Since we all tend to focus on what is in front of us or is in local control, graphics can bridge into the global needs and help local teams see the complexity of the global effort.

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