Does your global work feel connected?

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Distributed teams can work differently to achieve global goals.

Working globally is a huge challenge. There are issues of how leadership engages global workforces, teams and work groups. It is easy to default to focusing on the local and not connect fully to the global, even when you use virtual technology for your meetings. How do you make these meeting participants feel, and indeed BE, connected.

First, remember your goals and desired outcomes. What do you want or need to achieve? Why do you need to have this virtual meeting in order to meet those outcomes? Are there other ways of working?

Second, treat your virtual meetings with the respect they need in order to achieve your outcomes. Think about how to create the meeting so all participants are engaged, connected, participating fully, and acting on their agreements, even if the leader isn’t in their local office.

Third, include meeting techniques that support #1 and #2 above. These include how to work in distributed groups with simple questions to check engagement levels, to seek participation with respectful prompts, by acknowledging introverts and extroverts by how you build your agenda and sessions, having a means to keep delegates focused on your meeting and not be distracted by other things in their work environment.

Fourth, make quality virtual meetings the norm along with the high quality you expect in your face-to-face engagements.

Scribing Magic and Meeting Magic support the full range of your meeting needs and impact your meeting culture so quality becomes the norm. Start the conversation with us and we’ll help you understand the range of benefits of working virtually.

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