How to find a good graphic recorder.

Scribing Magic team members are steeped in business language and the importance of one meeting for the whole organisation.

Finding people who can draw is not difficult. Finding people who draw in a business environment or business meeting is a little more challenging. Finding a high-quality graphic recorder, or scribe, who understands the business of business, can listen for the critical information that needs to be retained by the group, and knows that the visual output of the meeting exists is in service of the group…well, that’s a bigger challenge.

In order to find that graphic recorder with business standards it is important to interview them listening for some key information and asking some key questions. Do you get a sense that they respect your needs for preparation? Are there clues they have challenges with timeliness and time commitments? Do they have any business experience or training? Do they listen well to you, feedback what they are understanding, and want to work with you as a partner?

It is critical that you know and are confident that your graphic recorder will deliver for your business. Finding the right person for the work you need to accomplish is key to your success. Ask us how we can partner with you in developing your mission critical meetings. We love meetings. We love making you look good in meetings.

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