Is creativity in meetings a waste of time?

We support all types of creativity in meetings.

We support all types of creativity in meetings.

There seems to be an increasing desire to include creative ways of interacting within meetings. There is positive thinking on this and there are those who feel that adding creativity into meetings is a distraction and unhelpful.

It reminds me of the team development rage from the last decade. People went away and did team development with exercise courses, walks among the trees, art creation, driving go-carts and other event-like interactions. All to frequently there was no or very little reflection on what was experienced and, therefore, what was learned doing the exercise. That, in my mind, was a waste of time.

Adding creativity can also go down that road. And, there is something to be said for being creative for no other reason than to be creative. But, in the work environment, and certainly within meetings, anything that is creative has to be targeted at supporting the outcomes of the meeting. Creativity works best when in service to the meeting.

That is why we believe that simply working visually adds creativity to the mix. Using visual thinking, using 3-D construction, using tactile objects all add value when used well and correctly. Graphic recording for business adds visual elements. Having meeting delegates / participant do some graphic work to support their small-team thinking adds value and helps others see what they are talking about.

There are many ways of being creative within meetings. Remembering that the creativity serves the meeting, not the people leading or doing the creative work, is crucial.

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