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Does your global work feel connected?

Graphic Recording illustration detail

Distributed teams can work differently to achieve global goals.

Working globally is a huge challenge. There are issues of how leadership engages global workforces, teams and work groups. It is easy to default to focusing on the local and not connect fully to the global, even when you use virtual technology for your meetings. How do you make these meeting participants feel, and indeed BE, connected.

First, remember your goals and desired outcomes. What do you want or need to achieve? Why do you need to have this virtual meeting in order to meet those outcomes? Are there other ways of working?

Second, treat your virtual meetings with the respect they need in order to achieve your outcomes. Think about how to create the meeting so all participants are engaged, connected, participating fully, and acting on their agreements, even if the leader isn’t in their local office. Continue Reading…

How well do you work virtually? Globally? As distributed teams?

It is not about doing virtual meetings. They have become the norm for many companies and organisations. It is about how well you work virtually. And it is not just about mastering the technology. It is more about creating agendas and ways of working that make virtual meetings effective. Just using f2f models for working does not work. How you manage people, time, the virtual space and the energy of the group is more critical virtually.

Scribing Magic knows how to create virtual meetings that work well. Working with our partner Meeting Magic we help you build great agendas and understand how to lead high quality virtual meetings. Scribing Magic helps you implement the meeting to reach your desired outcomes. Let’s have a conversation about your virtual meetings for your global and distributed teams.

Sharing the den of the dragon.

Piers Linney during his panel on innovation.

Piers Linney during his panel on innovation.

John Ashton recently recorded the Thomson Reuters “Innovation in Market Data Technology.” On one of the panels was Piers Linney, from Dragon’s Den, a UK entreprenurial, reality TV show. While it was a pleasure to meet Mr. Linney, it was more of a pleasure to support the summit with graphics, helping delegates see what they were talking about.

Scribing Magic in British Airways inflight magazine


British Gas – Graphic Recording illustration detail

A section of one of John Ashton’s graphic recordings.

Both Scribing Magic and Meeting Magic are featured in Picture This by Sorrel Downer with illustrations by Neil Webb in the July 2014 issue of British Airways inflight magazine Business Life. John Ashton was interviewed for the piece.

The article is an engaging and accurate description of both graphic facilitation and graphic recording for meetings. We recommend the read and hope you find it stimulating. We are happy to help with any graphic recording, illustrations, animations, cartooning or visual communications projects you have coming up. Give us a shout to talk about what you read in the article or best meeting solutions for your organisation.

Scribing Magic team members are steeped in business language and the importance of one meeting for the whole organisation.

How to find a good graphic recorder.

Finding people who can draw is not difficult. Finding people who draw in a business environment or business meeting is a little more challenging. Finding a high-quality graphic recorder, or scribe, who understands the business of business, can listen for the critical information that needs to be retained by the group, and knows that the visual output of the meeting exists is in service of the group…well, that’s a bigger challenge. Continue Reading…

Avoid Gizmology

The best of intentions frequently end up defaulting to what is known and, therefore, easiest to do when planning for meetings. Throw a flip chart in the corner. Add a projector. Make some slick looking slides. Call everyone together. Continue Reading…