Can virtual meetings be visual?

Virtual working is more the norm. Do it well!

Virtual working is more the norm. Do it well!

With the growth of tablet technology we are absolutely able to support your virtual meetings with visual communications and graphic recording. Having visual virtual meetings will not only make that individual meeting stronger but will help address some of the stress of the global versus local issue.

Virtual meetings can work for worldwide organisations or for smaller organisations that have chosen to work in distributed teams and work group. Virtual meetings are becoming a norm in many companies. Doing it well is not yet a norm, which can undermine successful conversations and overall communications.

And the good news is that the technology you need to sort out is your connectivity for your team(s). We do not recommend one over another. And, we can log in to any platform, as long as you can share the screen with our graphic recorder so what they are recording is visible. But, even that is not absolutely necessary in that we can record passively at our location then forward a jpg of the recording so you can use it for ongoing thinking and communications. In short, we can adapt to your situation in order to help you think visually and record your conversations.

We love to do graphic recording and visual thinking. How can we help you move your meetings forward?

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