Avoid Gizmology

The best of intentions frequently end up defaulting to what is known and, therefore, easiest to do when planning for meetings. Throw a flip chart in the corner. Add a projector. Make some slick looking slides. Call everyone together.

Sometimes meeting owners and sponsors have a lightening bolt hit them and they realize they need to shake it up a bit to get attention and to get some participation. So on come the gizmos. Those toys and games and other things that make someone happy because they have ‘enlivened’ the meeting. The participants had a good time. Everyone left feeling like this meeting, at last, had some pizzazz.

We call this gizmology. Relying on gizmos to deliver what we know a good agenda, a good process and graphic recording can do for meetings. Adding gizmos and games and other stuff will not improve meetings, even if participants report having more fun.

Improving meetings takes an effort to work on understanding the outcomes, who should be in the room, creating a good agenda, supporting the agenda with the right communications process for each part of the agenda, and visually thinking together so everyone is engaged and focused and aware of their commitments upon leaving the meetings. And, well planned and executed meetings can be fun!

If you want to stop avoiding the issue of why meetings aren’t working, and stop relying on gizmos to distract from poor meetings, then give us a call.


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