Scribing Magic deploys highly skilled semantic visualisers (or ‘graphic recorders’) to attend your meeting or conference.

Using vivid text notations and insightful graphics, we capture the key concepts and issues being discussed, feeding these back instantly to the meeting via projector screens or large chart-paper panoramas.

This simple yet powerful group sharing and productivity technique helps teams explore ideas, visualise challenges and draw out opportunities.


Benefit 01

1 picture = 1,000 words

The human brain absorbs visual content more easily: 65% of adults are visual learners.

So even a quick route map ‘sticks’ better than a list of directions. Graphic recording of meetings provides story-telling visuals that help delegates understand and contribute over lengthy periods of discussion.

Our on-the-fly illustrations map the way.

You get to your destination faster.

Benefit 02

Boosts collaboration

Graphic recording is engaging, democratic, and gets everyone thinking about the big picture. It recognises individual contributions, encourages shared decision-making and promotes transparent communication.

As the team rallies around the emerging graphical consensus, you get greater buy-in, better emotional commitment to outcomes, greater accountability for what is said.

Shared ideas and group collaboration will skyrocket.

Benefit 03

Key themes leap out

A rich visual structure springs naturally from our graphic recording work. The prioritisation of ideas and goals, the relationship between concepts, and the emerging themes leap out and become readily apparent to the group.

So time gets spent on the topics that really matter. There’s a strong directionality and flow. Rich visual metaphors spin off ideas and solutions can jump right off the page.

The meeting is more focused.

Benefit 04

Harnesses team power

Graphic recording brings a dynamic new dimension to meetings. There’s a new energy and drive. Contributions become more directed.

The group’s work is enlivened: people focus, engage and participate at a level that ensures better outputs and outcomes.

Because there’s more clarity and less ambiguity, people feel empowered to challenge, discuss, suggest, support, brainstorm and ‘buy in’.

The meeting really goes places.

Benefit 05

Magical metaphors

Our graphic recorders are wizards in the use of symbolic representations.

They conjure up powerful visual metaphors — goals, obstacles, threats, opportunities, conflicting issues, balancing factors, chronology — to illustrate your discussions.

Illustrations also help break through language barriers.

So members of even very mixed business groups get to contribute on more equal terms.

Magical stuff.

Benefit 06

A record, a trophy

Clear thinking is beautiful thinking.

In the hands of our talented graphic recorders, the work of the meeting is captured in a sparkling visual summary that will surprise and delight those present.

Our creative visuals stay on after the meeting to become a lasting record of the shared work on the project. They take pride of place on departmental news-boards and can be duplicated for intra-company distribution.

A celebration of group collaboration and idea-sharing.


Benefit 07

Levels the playing field

Graphic recording helps smooth out personality differences.

It can help ensure fair play because it visually documents what each person says in a way visible to the entire group: everyone gets heard and is seen to be heard, with their ideas given equal recognition in the group vision emerging on the charts.

‘Star’ players share prime time with quieter contributors, emphasising team goal-scoring.


Benefit 08

CxO's at SFO?
No problem

C-level meeting? Departmental brainstorming session? International conference or seminar?

Because our graphic recorders are also experienced business professionals, their visual interpretations are quick, insightful and powerfully relevant, regardless of the group’s seniority, subject matter or size.

And thanks to our network, we can serve up a skilled graphic recorder in just about any meeting venue in any country. The world’s our oyster.


Benefit 09

Virtually perfect

Graphic recording works well in virtual seminars and meetings..

Our real-time screen-share and digital scribing technologies bring online meetings to life with the same success as our live sessions.

We also produce illustrated, animated presentations for you to use and distribute at any time, without our live involvement.

These cool ‘speeded-up motion’ videos give you mesmerising presentations you can share at meetings or on the corporate intranet

Virtually as good as being there.

How Graphic Recording works for you.