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Scribing Magic team members are steeped in business language and the importance of one meeting for the whole organisation.

How to find a good graphic recorder.

Finding people who can draw is not difficult. Finding people who draw in a business environment or business meeting is a little more challenging. Finding a high-quality graphic recorder, or scribe, who understands the business of business, can listen for the critical information that needs to be retained by the group, and knows that the visual output of the meeting exists is in service of the group…well, that’s a bigger challenge. Continue Reading…

What does a metaphor have to do with business?

We are a visual animal. Sixty-five percent of us are visual learners. (We are all auditory learners and 15% are kinesthetic learners.)

It is not surprise that we also speak visually. We use similes and metaphors to communicate ideas. “Our meetings are like shlogging through treacle.” “We made that decision faster than the speed of light.” We get what is being said because we all have experience of treacle or sticky molasses. We all know how fast light particles move.

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How does graphic recording work?

Graphic recording, or scribing, focuses and stimulates groups by giving them a focal point for seeing what they are talking about. Focusing in this way helps groups move quickly through information because repetition is decreased, helps control domineering participants, engages the introverts, becomes the point of reference for stress and conflict by removing emotions, and helps groups find agreements and commitments more quickly. Continue Reading…