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Scribing Magic team members are steeped in business language and the importance of one meeting for the whole organisation.

How to find a good graphic recorder.

Finding people who can draw is not difficult. Finding people who draw in a business environment or business meeting is a little more challenging. Finding a high-quality graphic recorder, or scribe, who understands the business of business, can listen for the critical information that needs to be retained by the group, and knows that the visual output of the meeting exists is in service of the group…well, that’s a bigger challenge. Continue Reading…

Avoid Gizmology

The best of intentions frequently end up defaulting to what is known and, therefore, easiest to do when planning for meetings. Throw a flip chart in the corner. Add a projector. Make some slick looking slides. Call everyone together. Continue Reading…

Friends with some of the best.

David Sibbet, founder and president of The Grove Consultants Int'l, where visual meetings started.

David Sibbet, founder and president of The Grove Consultants International, where visual meetings started.

Learning our craft started over 15 years ago when our parent company
Meeting Magic (MM) was created. Katherine Woods, who actually started facilitating and graphic recording many years before MM, trained with David Sibbet at The Grove Consultants in San Francisco, California. David and a few of his close colleagues masterminded this graphic way of working. Tim Nugent, our project manager and client services lead, worked at The Grove for about five years supporting graphic recorders, training and projects.

From The Grove we have built friendships, partnerships and alliances around the globe so we can support organisations worldwide. We know a lot of folks who work in the graphic recording field. Scribing Magic locates in the graphic recording space, along side MM who works in the consulting and meeting facilitation arena.

It is heartening and energizing to know there is a huge network of friends and skilled practitioners out there.

Big on drawing

The Campaign for Drawing has a yearly fest, called The Big Draw, to inspire support for the art of drawing. This vid connects drawing to business and illustrates why drawing is critical in society. Drawing influences us daily, if not hourly, and is integral to living, as the video demonstrates. Consider supporting both The Campaign and the festival. Have a look.

We are big on drawing, too. And, we do it for you in the workplace. Contact us to learn more about how we can draw the best out of your team or group.