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What word sums up high-quality graphic recording?

There is a lot of focus within the graphic recording community about what constitutes good recording and what do we call ourselves and what do we really offer our clients. These are all important conversations and we support those discussions. That said, I helped train Meeting Magic’s Advanced Facilitation workshop these past few days. Interestingly, none of those topics came up from our clients. But there was one word we kept hearing and talking about.

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Visible or invisible. That is the question.

The best graphic recording is there to serve the group. Scribing in meetings is there to add value to your conversations, strengthen commitment to outcomes, and support the group getting to action. Graphic recording is there to help you get your job done.

A recent question we’ve been addressing is how visible is the graphic recorder? How ‘up front’ should the recording itself be? Is the chart front and center for the group to engage? Is the chart in the back of the room capturing a record, much like taking visual minutes of meetings?

This is all important stuff to work out ahead of time with the meeting sponsor, leader or facilitator. We have a series of questions we ask before the meeting. How will you use this graphic recording going forward or is it only to be used by the group in question? What is the role of the recorder in this session? Why are you including graphics in this meeting? Will this specific chart be used again by this group?

Key questions that impact the group and their work are important for the graphic recorder to engage. Planning ahead for including scribing in meetings will create time and thought for how to best utilise graphic and the recorder. Waiting until the last minute to have recording as an add on might add a pretty picture but risks making visual thinking an afterthought rather than a key component to having a successful meeting.

To learn more about making your work visible and knowing how and where to place your graphic recorder, give us a call (+44 (0)1628 471 114 or email us to begin a conversation about graphic recording in your meetings.

Happy new year (early!) or How to have a good 2015 by learning from 2014

It’s a little over 10 weeks to the end of 2014 and the beginning of the new year. It will be here sooner than you think!

Looking back over 2014 you have probably achieved and shared a lot. Now is the traditional time to gaze back over those achievements and shared experiences in order to take your learning forward and to imbed those into your plans for 2015. Or, if you have completed your plans for next year consider how to imbed your learning into the actions you have committed to so you can achieve even more. Your 2014 offers a rich source of information waiting to be looked at in a new way. Continue Reading…

Listen…think…speak! How public listening supports group work.

You are sitting in a meeting. Your face says it all, “Oh, not that guy droning on and on…again.” Or, “How many times is that going to be repeated, doesn’t anyone listen anymore!”

Yeah, we’ve heard it all, too. There are ways to manage those domineering talkers and the seemingly inattentive participants / delegates in the room. It’s called graphic recording. Or more adroitly ‘public listening.’

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Katherine Woods welcomes viewers to Scribing Magic

Katherine Woods-MM 256-a_photo_12-12-12 (2) (604x800)

For over 15 years I have worked visually with groups, of all types and sizes. I have seen how visuals engage people and support breakthrough thinking. Many of the visuals we have co-created have become embedded in our client organisations, as strategic alignment tools and support for organisational storytelling. I believe in the power of the pen, the magic of metaphor and the value of public listening.

Over the years I have seen a growing interest in the use of graphics as a business tool. Increasing globalisation makes consistent and engaging communications more important and yet more challenging. Graphics and visuals appeal to people at an intuitive, human level. So, I am delighted and excited to be able to extend our graphical offer, through the launch of our new brand – Scribing Magic.

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