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Can graphic recording in meetings be fun, too?

Our fearless leader scribing on a large post it to add, doubtlessly great, content to our discussion.

Our fearless leader scribing on a large post it to add, doubtlessly great, content to our discussion.

If our internal meetings are anything to go by then the answer is “Yes!” graphic recording or scribing can add some elements of fun to meetings. And why not? Dull, droll, dour meetings, even if they are data driven, don’t engage or help with institutional memory (except maybe that our institution has dull, droll and dour meetings). The legacy we aim to achieve in Meeting Magic and Scribing Magic is a fun place to work with engaging and stimulating meetings. Can these happy campers be anything but fun to work with?!

One of our network members rests in the mess of a good days work.

One of our network members rests in the mess of a good days work.

When you add graphics to a meeting are you just jazzing up command and control or are you collaborting...really?

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When to practice graphic recording?

One question we get all the time is “how can I practice my graphic recording skills when I am so busy?” We understand ‘busy’ and we know that practicing is what makes a good recorder. Practicing is an ongoing commitment of a good recorder.

The image above is a simple example by Katherine Woods. Our full team was on our weekly virtual call. This call was a graphic training opportunity, which we do regularly together to give feedback on recently completed graphics from client meetings to learn what worked and what might need some attention for future sessions. Katherine was not the virtual graphic recorder, one of our other team members had that role for this meeting.

And yet, Katherine took the opportunity to practice her own recording by creating her own chart of the virtual conversation being recorded by one of our team members. Katherine recorded it in her style at her desk on paper. Doing her own recording of our virtual meeting kept her engaged and she was able to practice her already ample skills.

We believe you have to practice all the time at every chance you get in order to master graphic recording. Once you have your basic skills you can build on them by practicing, and then have others feedback what works and what needs attention. Give us a shout to learn more about learning and how to practice.

If music is the art of thinking in sound, then scribing is the art of thinking in pictures.

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Katherine Woods welcomes viewers to Scribing Magic

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For over 15 years I have worked visually with groups, of all types and sizes. I have seen how visuals engage people and support breakthrough thinking. Many of the visuals we have co-created have become embedded in our client organisations, as strategic alignment tools and support for organisational storytelling. I believe in the power of the pen, the magic of metaphor and the value of public listening.

Over the years I have seen a growing interest in the use of graphics as a business tool. Increasing globalisation makes consistent and engaging communications more important and yet more challenging. Graphics and visuals appeal to people at an intuitive, human level. So, I am delighted and excited to be able to extend our graphical offer, through the launch of our new brand – Scribing Magic.

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Friends with some of the best.

David Sibbet, founder and president of The Grove Consultants Int'l, where visual meetings started.

David Sibbet, founder and president of The Grove Consultants International, where visual meetings started.

Learning our craft started over 15 years ago when our parent company
Meeting Magic (MM) was created. Katherine Woods, who actually started facilitating and graphic recording many years before MM, trained with David Sibbet at The Grove Consultants in San Francisco, California. David and a few of his close colleagues masterminded this graphic way of working. Tim Nugent, our project manager and client services lead, worked at The Grove for about five years supporting graphic recorders, training and projects.

From The Grove we have built friendships, partnerships and alliances around the globe so we can support organisations worldwide. We know a lot of folks who work in the graphic recording field. Scribing Magic locates in the graphic recording space, along side MM who works in the consulting and meeting facilitation arena.

It is heartening and energizing to know there is a huge network of friends and skilled practitioners out there.