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Virtual meetings come alive with scribing!

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Virtual meetings can be so productive. Think about the last virtual meeting you were in? Did you plow through unrelated paperwork? Did you play desktop football? Did you get that pile of laundry done? I know…virtual meetings can be so productive…in the wrong ways.

Graphic recording, or scribing, brings new tools to energize virtual meetings. By simply introducing graphic delegates pay attention, get involved, contribute, and engage. We know this is true because we record weekly virtual team meetings with our remotely based network of Scribing Magic (SM) and Meeting Magic (MM). And, our SM scribes support MM facilitators with client briefings, planning meetings, agenda design reviews, and event debriefs. Virtual. Successful. Supportive.

High-quality virtual meetings save you time, save you money and help you get on with the business of business. Give us a shout to help make your virtual meetings come to life. We can help you make virtual meetings productive.

Avoid Gizmology

The best of intentions frequently end up defaulting to what is known and, therefore, easiest to do when planning for meetings. Throw a flip chart in the corner. Add a projector. Make some slick looking slides. Call everyone together. Continue Reading…

Katherine Woods welcomes viewers to Scribing Magic

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For over 15 years I have worked visually with groups, of all types and sizes. I have seen how visuals engage people and support breakthrough thinking. Many of the visuals we have co-created have become embedded in our client organisations, as strategic alignment tools and support for organisational storytelling. I believe in the power of the pen, the magic of metaphor and the value of public listening.

Over the years I have seen a growing interest in the use of graphics as a business tool. Increasing globalisation makes consistent and engaging communications more important and yet more challenging. Graphics and visuals appeal to people at an intuitive, human level. So, I am delighted and excited to be able to extend our graphical offer, through the launch of our new brand – Scribing Magic.

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Is one picture really worth a thousand words?

Oh, you betcha! In fact, one graphic chart can help an organisation change their culture, achieve their goals, succeed in their mission, and communicate complex messages to stakeholders. We see it all the time. Recording meetings, or transforming thick data in our studios in to visual maps, we watch organisations find energy, gain commitment, move to action and succeed where they had only dreamed before.

We’ve been supporting meetings with graphic recording for over 15 years and have seen it all. All types of organisations from FMCG, engineering, banking and finance, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and most business sectors use graphic recording. Check out our list of clients from these many years.

Want to join the club of companies using visual communications? Contact us and see what the picture is all about.

Overwhelmed by reports, reports, reports? Go graphic!

How many office shelves are lined or stacked or otherwise filled with binders of page after page after page of reports created by experts and data producers that do nothing, go nowhere and add not one iota to the success of your business? How much money has been wasted creating these reports? What can be done about it?

Analyzing your business is important, and, at times, critical to making decisions. HOW the analysis is done and BY WHOM it is done is just as critical. Have a think.

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Business themes: Maintain momentum with graphics.

It is one thing to have a business theme stated during a meeting. The CEO stands in front with a well-rehearsed deck of data ending with a major theme he / she wants to communicate. It is entirely another to maintain momentum and focus on your critical themes. Imagine seeing the theme unfold as a story rooted in major values, insights, vision elements and desired success. The visual story telling or scribing (as it unfolds) becomes the metaphor that holds the critical themes, and helps communicate them to stakeholders.
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Dull, colourless meetings? Bring ’em to life with graphic recording!

When was the last time you assessed your meetings and meeting culture? Was the message loud and clear? That meetings are boring, dry, useless wastes of time?

Meeting don’t have to be boring time-wasters. Bring meetings to life with a graphic recorder. Engage meeting delegates / participants by handing them the pens and trust them to write and capture the meeting content. Change the process of your meetings to get a clearer picture of what you are doing. Make your meetings visually stimulating and active. Graphic recording can do all of this and more.

Contact us to learn how we can enliven and energise your dull meetings. We love meetings!

Teams. How to harness their power.

Using graphic formats and metaphors will focus teams on plans and actions to achieve success.

Using graphic formats and metaphors will focus teams on plans and actions to achieve success.

When teams work they can achieve amazing things. But who has worked in

a truly high quality team? Who has gone beyond a functioning work group to a true team? What is a team anyway?

How to answer these questions is to not ‘say’ we are a team but to make the team visible with quality models, visual recordings of the important conversations team need to have to function well, and graphic ways of tracking commitments, action implementations and useful reviews. Visual thinking, with graphic recording a key element, is very empowering.

Harness the power of your teams by working visually together. It makes it easier to share ideas, see what colleagues are talking about, addressing conflicts and stress points, using visual models to double-check assumptions, and many other results.

To learn more about empowering your teams with visual thinking and graphic tools give us a shout. We love team support as much as we love meetings.

What does a metaphor have to do with business?

We are a visual animal. Sixty-five percent of us are visual learners. (We are all auditory learners and 15% are kinesthetic learners.)

It is not surprise that we also speak visually. We use similes and metaphors to communicate ideas. “Our meetings are like shlogging through treacle.” “We made that decision faster than the speed of light.” We get what is being said because we all have experience of treacle or sticky molasses. We all know how fast light particles move.

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